Glad you joined me on the porch. Welcome, I’d like to tell you more about My Right Side Up Life. The view is amazing, the coffee is plentiful and I always enjoy company.

We must be ready to allow ourselves to be interrupted by God

~ Detrick Bonhoffer


I lost what every woman wants and gained what every woman needs. When a disabling illness shattered the career I loved, crippled my active hobbies and rearranged all my relationships, I thought my life turned completely upside down. Instead, the challenges turned my life right side up.

From my perspective as a physician, I share encouragement from the other side of the sheets and show people how to find God’s blessings despite life’s interruptions. Like me, you too can live


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  1. Thank you, Vickie, for sharing your heart with our Women’s Ministry at First Baptist Church, Fort Smith, AR, Monday evening! Your testimony was such a blessing and great encouragement to the challenges we face! I will be praying that our Lord will give you added strength for encouraging others!

  2. Vickie, I saw you downtown today. It was a short visit, but I thoroughly enjoyed it and hearing you are feeling better. You have always impressed me by your warm smile and the twinkle in your eye. I figure
    ole Ken is a lucky man… actually he has told me that! : ) Anyway, just wanted to say Carol & I are happy you’re doing better and to learn you are doing public speaking. Hang in there cause life is what
    we make of it! norman & carol watson