A father’s legacy

A father’s legacy

This is for my dad, my kid’s dad, my future grandchildren’s dads and your dad. No I’m not an expert on fatherhood, but I’ve listened to the heart of enough women to know how much a daddy means to his daughter (or son) and I can tell you; dads matter. A lot. A father’s legacy is lived for generations, thousands of generations.

Deuteronomy 5:10, “but showing faithful love to a thousand generations of those who love Me and keep My commands.” HCSB

What a girl wants

When my kids were growing up and Saturday night rolled around, they opened the cabinet and searched for a movie among our collection of DVDs. Though the stack was a foot and a half tall, they usually took a well-watched one off the top. Whether it was “Parent Trap, Princess Diaries” or “What a Girl Wants,” the star was a girl with issues because of her absent father who then entered the picture and redeemed the lost years. That’s what a girl wants – her father.

I asked the question on Facebook (join the conversation here). If you missed out, I still want to know, what is the legacy you inherited from your father? Sure, I’ll go first:

My father’s legacy
  1. Unconditional love

The single most important legacy my dad gave me is unconditional love. Never for one second of my 52 years did I doubt his love. That foundation made it easy for me to accept God’s love.

  1. Self-worth

My dad is proud of me. Go ahead and laugh if you know him, because yeah, that’s like saying Mt. Everest is tall. I am stupendous and spectacular at everything I do, just ask him. Now I’m laughing, but I’m also thankful. He convinced me I mattered, so I don’t have to go around trying to prove it.

  1. Trust

My dad is dependable. He was there when I cheered Panther football games, he was there when I got married, he was there when I was too sick to sit up and he was there when my heart shattered into a thousand pieces. I’m convinced he would give up anything and walk across hot coals to rescue me from harm.

4. Fun

When he walked across those hot coals he would whoop and be silly and make a game out of it. He entertained the neighborhood kids by ripping a fat phone book in half or chopping a metal file with his bare hands. Don’t tell my mom, but he drove and turned his head while we let rolls of toilet paper sail through the trees in our friends yards. So I was proud of him too.

5. Story-telling

Barefoot and wearing a full head dress, my dad sat cross-legged and thumped the floor as twenty wide-eyed 5 year olds listened to “Chief Ten Toes” tell the story of the “Great White Buffalo.” No one can tell a story like my dad. (Click here to read more)

We do what they do, not what they say

When our fathers model love and forgiveness, it’s easy for us to live in freedom. When they sacrifice for us, we learn selfless love. Here is a beautiful testimony shared in response to my question yesterday

My father left a legacy of love and forgiveness, he cared for others sacrificially until he couldn’t then he taught me how to love by taking care of him .

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Proverbs 20:7, “The godly walk with integrity; blessed are their children who follow them.” NLT

What is your legacy?

Daughters, you may have a painful legacy from your father. I had the privilege to mother a daughter whose father was never identified. When I adopted her at age 11, her counselor told me, “If a girl doesn’t feel like a princess by age 2 she spends the rest of her life trying to prove it.”

Maybe your legacy is low self-esteem, insecurity, anxiety or addiction. I’ve seen your tears and heard your stories of abuse, neglect and absence. Often I’m the only one you told, but sweet sisters, you are not alone. There is no shame and it’s not your fault. You are a princess too if you are a daughter of the King.

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1 John 3:1, “What marvelous love the Father has extended to us! Just look at it – we’re called children of God!” MSG

Being a princes requires an attitude from within. You can’t fake royalty when you don’t own it. I’m my daddy’’s princess  and thanks to my earthly father’s influence, I am a daughter of the King.

Are you?

Joshua 24:15, “Then choose for yourselves this day, whom you will serve.” NIV

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  1. The thing that brings me indescribable joy is that I didn’t choose my Heavenly Father. He chose me I could never express the comfort that brings me and how blessed it makes me feel