You need to know what’s happening on college campuses

From behind I felt the hand on my shoulder. Cutting my eyes I saw it was big as a dinner plate and darker than molasses. In a low voice, he started speaking and I closed my eyelids. Without looking, I sensed he towered over me. When I turned and opened my eyes, I recognized my brother. I never met him before, but I knew, because I heard him talk to our Father.


I’m usually not a night owl

Two o’clock in the morning isn’t familiar like it was when I delivered babies. But my long flight followed by the drive home from the airport kept me out late.

I still keep an unreasonable schedule

Though I flew 1,356 miles and spent hours in the airport, I agreed to speak to a group of college students the same evening. They asked me to speak on anxiety, fear and frustration. Though I’ve doled out a lot of advice on the subject over the years, I’ve never personally experienced continual palms sweating, heart racing and thoughts wearing a rut in my brain. Until now. On one hand I figured they needed someone else to speak. You know, someone who had conquered the jolting-out-of-sleep panic. Living in survival mode, it was all I could do to show up, much less stand and speak. And I told them so. Turns out, people want to hear from someone who’s been there or in my case is there. I guess a field trip makes your more of an expert than hearing a classroom lecture.

God prepared when I didn’t

Honestly, I wasn’t as prepared as I normally am, but God prepared the way. Thinking through my outline, I didn’t hear the first song the praise band performed, but my ears perked up, my soul was pricked and my eyes leaked when I heard the second song. It’s one of my favorites. Listen to the words here.

Afflictions eclipsed by  glory


I stood in front of a group of college students and told them the raw truth. Fighting anxiety isn’t easy. I wasn’t prepared physically, emotionally or spiritually, but the Holy Spirit was present in such a real way, the words flowed. When I noticed some of them taking notes, I thought I would share my thoughts with you. Take half an hour while driving or cooking or getting ready in the morning to listen to a conversational version of the keys to overcoming anxiety. Click below to listen to my podcast on “My Journey of Faith Radio.“.


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College Students

There is hope in this generation. They are seeking the Lord. Phoniness is unacceptable to millennials; they want to know how to flesh out their walk with Christ. No pretending, no games, just real problems and authentic faith. I was honest and they knew I was facing challenges in my own life. After I sat down, one of the students came to pray over me. He talked to God in such a personal way, I felt like he literally carried me before the throne. He was certainly big enough. By outward appearances we didn’t have much in common, but we serve the same God and he’s my brother. I know because I heard him talk to our Father.

I hope you will join me for a series on opening the door to freedom from anxiety. As always, I write to myself but I would love to have along for the journey. If you are ever encouraged by my posts, feel free to share. If you don’t receive weekly emails, enter your address in the annoying pop-up box.

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  1. An anxiety attack is very real, frightening and paralyzing. Had a few myself over the years, thankful that I had Jesus to call on. Can’t imagine the terror of a panic attack with no rescue. Look forward to your series on the subject.

  2. Such an important subject. It’s one of those that I believe many deal with. Thank you for sharing your words and perspective with us. Following you at Kelly’s this week. Blessings!

  3. What a cool experience! I think we all want the truth–that we’re not along and that others have faced the same trials we have faced and come out the other side. Of course, it’s so much easier to come out the other side if Truth journeys with us 😊