Have you seen me?

Have you seen me?

You may have already heard the news, but I am starring in a movie!

It’s not a done deal yet, but…

The director and producer are trying to decide which role is the best fit for me.

If they cast me in Walking Dead I won’t need any time with the make-up artist because I’m already ripped to shreds and bleeding. Good thing, I would never be able to sit still that long.

They are also weighing Road Runner against the Tasmanian devil because of the way I’ve been writing and traveling and broadcasting and meeting and speaking and juggling six plates while I hop on a ball.

The theme song to my movie is Running on Empty.

Maybe you’ve seen me coming, maybe you’ve seen me going. I’m not sure –

What? Who said that? Did someone just tap me on the shoulder?

OH! Wait….

We’ve been here before haven’t we?

I’m slow to learn my lessons, but I know when Almighty God says, “ENOUGH,” it’s enough.

You get it, right? I need a break. Everyone does, even Jesus.

Matthew 26:36-38, “Then Jesus went with them to a garden called Gethsemane and told his disciples, ‘Stay here while I go over there and pray.’ Taking along Peter and the two sons of Zebedee, he plunged into an agonizing sorrow. Then he said, ‘This sorrow is crushing my life out. Stay here and keep vigil with me.’” MSG

I’m following His example and spending some time alone with my Heavenly Father. Since it’s 900 degrees Fahrenheit outside, I’m staying out of the garden. Actually, I don’t even have a garden.


There are plenty of words tumbling in my mind and emotions trying to crawl out of my heart, but they need to marinate. I plan to soak in God’s presence and His word for a few weeks. Writing without a deadline sounds pretty sweet right now. I expect to have fresh words from the Lord when I return.

Ephesians 5:26, “To make her holy and clean, washed by the cleansing of God’s word.” NLT


I am depending on you to keep this alive. Please pray and keep vigil while I’m gone. You won’t get any emails for about a month. I’ll see you again around my birthday. You are still welcome to sign up to receive weekly emails or invite your friends to follow. My next post will be August 27, 2016. I’ll officially be a year older and maybe a little wiser.


I won’t be on social media, but you won’t be able to tell because I’ve scheduled lots of posts in advance. I also have a friend who will hold the fort down. Do me a favor and keep liking, sharing and commenting. Except this; let’s keep this post between us, okay?

Someone recently asked,

Are you truly content and happy all the time?

Yeah, sure…  Listen, no one is. In fact, “This sorrow is crushing my life out” so feel free to email me while I am off the grid. I could use the encouragement, though I may not answer.


Thanks for your understanding. And if you’re around, stop by the porch. That’s probably where I’ll be.

5 thoughts on “Have you seen me?

  1. Thanks for all you’ve shared for us. Thanks for taking care of you. I will pray for your refreshment, encouragement and wisdom. Oh and may your time with Him prepare you for your role in War Room 2. 😆

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