I have something for you

I have something for you

So glad you were able to join my party. I am celebrating my first blogiversary. I can’t believe it’s been a whole year. I have loved getting to know you and I so appreciate you reading, commenting and sharing.


I have a gift for you to commemorate this milestone. If you enjoy reading you will love Angela Slaughter’s new novel,

A View From There

I have three books to give away. Comment on my Facebook page and you’re in. You can wish me happy blogiversary, tell me what books you like to read or simply say hello. But whatever you do, don’t share this post, it will decrease your chances of winning!


I love words and since I have started blogging I like numbers too. So here is a rundown of the first year of My Right Side Up Life. I have posted 104 times, which I’m guessing is over 60,000 words. Whew! Sometimes I worry about running out of things to say but life just keeps happening all around me and I’ve never been accused of being quiet. Most bloggers quit within three months and nearly all quit before one year. Currently, my site has over 1,000 followers and has been viewed over 100,000 times. I’ve never been accused of being a quitter either. My Facebook page Vickie Petz Henderson has nearly 2,000 likes and I have 500 followers on Twitter. I have been accused of being the queen and the title was not intended to be complimentary. Suddenly those numbers terrify me. Words require responsibility.

Proverbs 10:19, “When there are many words, sin is unavoidable, but the one who controls his tongue is wise.” HCSB


Ultimately readers make writing worth the effort. Without readers, words float in cyberspace without impact or connection. My heart’s desire is to reach more people with words of encouragement and the joy of a personal relationship with Christ. So if you want to help me spread the word, invite your friends to like my Facebook page or share your favorite post on your personal Facebook wall or on Twitter. By the way, people are much more likely to read a link you share if you say something about it. I’ll try to be careful what I say.

Matthew 12:36, “Let me tell you something: Every one of these careless words is going to come back to haunt you. There will be a time of Reckoning. Words are powerful; take them seriously.” MSG

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I am making some changes for the second year. I am only going to send out emails once a week. If you are a subscriber, you will receive a weekly post in your inbox on Wednesday afternoon, check your junk folder if you don’t. If you aren’t receiving posts in your inbox, enter your address in the pop-up box “Join Me on the Porch.” On my Facebook page I will share some of my older posts or other blogs on Saturday mornings. Remember, if you don’t interact with the page, you won’t see the posts, so hit the thumbs up button every once in a while.


I know you will love Angela’s book, so if you don’t win, I hope you’ll buy it on Amazon and read it and review it. You will laugh and you will cry. It won’t take long to read because you won’t be able to put it down. The theme is perspective, so it fits perfectly with my message of trusting God’s plan even when life turns upside down. The winners will be announced on my Facebook page January 9, 2016 and the book will be shipped to your house and includes a $10 gift card to Starbucks. Because any good book needs a good cup of coffee.


Thank you so much for connecting with me. Although I would like to have more followers, readers and reach, ultimately I want to encourage individuals. If one person is encouraged then it’s worth the effort. My goal is to write words that matter and point people to the Word made flesh.

John 1:1, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” NIV

34 thoughts on “I have something for you

  1. Congrats on your anniversary! You have never been a quitter, no need to start quitting now! Keep on blogging and living. Men read and receive encouragement from your words also! Joe

  2. I enjoy reading your blog. I keep some of them to read over and over. You are a lovely person, so full of Godly wisdom. I encourage you to keep writing & sharing your journey. Prayers for you, your sister in Christ.

  3. I can’t believe it’s been a year either! You transitioned from being an encouraging physician to an encouraging blogger successfully which in and of itself was an encouragement!

  4. Most sincere congratulations on your anniversary! May your words never stop flowing, your heart never stop caring, and your themes never stop inspiring! Keep up the good work, Doc!

  5. You always touch my heart with your words! You are gifted beyond your medical abilities! Thank you for sharing your life with me. God bless you with abundance and joy!

  6. Happy Anniversary. Thank you so much for allowing me to sit on your front porch with you and laugh and cry, through these posts. I absolutely love them. Here’s to the coming years.

  7. Happy Anniversary! Your encouraging, honest attitude brightens my life. Your love and knowledge of scripture inspires me and keeps me from having a “pitty party” during a tough time.

  8. Happy blogiversary! I would be so grateful to receive the book A View From There!

    May the New Year overflow with amazing blessings of added strength and joy in your life!

  9. Vickie, I have enjoyed your blog so much this year. It has been inspiring and uplifting. Looking forward to next year. Thank you for all your encouraging words. God Bless You!!!!

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