What is your calling?

What's your calling?

THE ART OF  WORK by Jeff Goins

I just finished reading a book called, “The Art of Work, “ by Jeff Goins.  It was so good I took screenshots of worthy points.  Does anyone else do that?  The book was about me.  Not really, but it was about my story and possibly yours.  The message is about finding your calling and loving what you do instead of drudging through life.

I have two moments of clarity in my life about wanting to write:  the book I painstakingly wrote, illustrated and tried to get published in the fifth grade and a paper I wrote in the eighth grade.  The topic was, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”  My answer was a gymnastics coach, but then, almost as an aside, I threw in author.  Like that wasn’t a real occupation, more of a dream.  It seemed equivalent to little kids who want to play in the NFL or be a movie star.  Nevertheless I mentioned it anyway, and thirty five years later I still remember.  Over the ensuing years, I felt a pang of jealousy whenever anyone wrote or published anything.  If I read a novel, I thought, “I could do that.”  Except I didn’t have time and I didn’t have a story.  God in His infinite wisdom gave me both by giving me myasthenia gravis.  I was disabled to be enabled.

When interviewed for medical school, I was asked why I wanted to go into medicine.  Confidently, I answered, “I feel called.”  The interviewer was an atheist who ridiculed me, asking if I had heard an audible voice.  I have been a writer for a grand total of three months and I now feel it is my calling.  My calling is to encourage those who are facing difficult situations.  My calling is to let my life demonstrate how God blesses through adversity.  Did I miss my calling before?  No I was sowing into the lives of thousands of women and countless families.  It gave me a base platform to connect through my writing.

Because I have always been highly productive, many worried how I would adjust to forced retirement.  I am learning new things and it challenges me.  Recently I attended a writer’s conference and listened to women lament not having time to write because of their jobs or their families.  Most days, I can spend hours writing.

I am often asked if I miss work.  I don’t miss the interruptions of my sleep and family life.  I don’t miss the stress, I had enough of that.  I don’t miss the frustration associated with paperwork and electronic medical records.  I do miss the feel of a newborn’s feet.  I miss the look in a woman’s eyes when she hears her unborn baby’s heartbeat for the first time.  But I think I’ve found my calling and it is merely a continuation of my previous calling.

Have you found your calling in life?  If not, I would encourage you to read Jeff’s book.  Even if you think you have, it’s worth the read.  You never know when the circumstances of life may pick you up and place you on a different path.

To order a free copy of the book or register for a webinar click on this link:


The webinar, “The Four Surprising Secrets of People Who’ve Found Their Calling” is tomorrow.  The book is free until March 23, you only pay shipping.

12 thoughts on “What is your calling?

  1. I’m really enjoying your writings and I know you are called simply by how much I am encouraged. My calling? I once knew…I believe I still know but it seems distant as the Lord is working in me now to be better at His calling. I’m learning to welcome “benched” to become more like Him. Sadly, I’m a slow learner. Thank you for showing us adversity is the straight path to His heart.

  2. It is a great book, and although I already knew I was called to write, I read it to be sure. Although I was sure. 😉 And you really do have to live a life, first, then write about it, so you’re sitting right at the starting gate! 🙂

  3. I also started blogging January 1st. I am called to teach how to allow God to shine brightly through test and trials. I am a language arts teacher, but I am more than that. I know that my blogging is a step to more writing! I will write a book soon. My blog is monicagbryson@wordpress.com. You delivered my son, who is now almost 16. I enjoy your blog. God changed my direction and my life on October 1st 2012 and I have never been the same. If you don’t mind me asking, what writers conference did you attend?

    1. I will check out your blog! The Little Rock American Christian Writers meet on the second Tuesday of every month. Check out their website soon, because their annual conference is next month. I can’t go, but I am going to Lisa Terkeust’s conference this summer.

  4. This certainly fits me. I know my years working in the mental health field was important so over the years I knew it was my calling. Of course my first love was really music and many were surprised that music was not my college major. After 2.5 years of studying physics I changed to a psychology. Did graduate school in clinical psychology with drug rehab being my chosen population. After 33 yrs I don’t miss the same things you don’t miss. I miss seeing clients make progress. When my physical problems took me out of my profession in 2009 I didn’t have a clue what I would do. Finally, the Lord opened all sorts of musical doors. My hobby of playing guitar is now what takes my time. I study, teach at ACME as well as being a Visiting Artist in the guitar class offered by the Music Department of Arkansas Tech University. I still do folk music shows for fun. Now I have the opportunity to work a little as a session guitarist. I collaborate with a singer / song writer who wants my guitar playing on their album. I have played guitar with the church worship team for 32 yrs or more and plan to continue that. I too had to become disabled to be enabled to follow some of my music dreams that I’ve carried since I started college many years ago. Seems that maybe our calling can change in response to other events in our lives like being disabled. Thanks for writing this blog. It’s allowed me to see my situation differently. I know music is my calling now. Another friend has finished writing 2 books since he retired just after I did. His second is ready to be published like the first one. Seems there are others who have found another calling in their lives. …☮ph

  5. I never imagined how exciting this could be. My life has purpose again and I enjoy all the musical adventures. Music especially guitar is a gift I am able to share in various ways. Teaching guitar / music classes is so much fun. ……Phil Higdon aka Silverbeard. Will be at the Arts Center this Friday and will likely be at The Crossing in April…….☮ph

  6. Wonderful! God in His Infinite Wisdom leads us, day by day, glory to glory, where He would have us to do the most good for His Kingdom.
    How dearly I, and so many others appreciate the first way you sowed so richly into our lives.
    And now the deeper blessing of God’s Wisdom flowing through you And you have the time and skill to share it.
    God is Good. 🙂
    Thanks Vickie

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