The only thing I can controlMy life is out of control

I wish I had a remote and I would push the buttons and change my circumstances. Even if such a thing existed, I probably couldn’t operate it. I can’t even turn on the television by myself. I have mastered pelvic anatomy and understand maternal-fetal physiology, but the remote control baffles me. If I am home alone, I don’t even try.  I am not a fan of TV anyway.

I’LL ADMIT, I’m a control freak

Like most people, I often insist on my way because I think my way is the best way.  I may not always be right, but I always have an opinion.  There were so many things in my life I thought I could control. I was wrong, so very, very wrong.

James 4:14, “You don’t even know what tomorrow will bring-what your life will be!”  HCSB

HEALTHY EATING didn’t do much for me

About fifteen years ago I started eating like  a health food nut.  For the most part, I eliminated processed foods from my diet.  I even milled my own wheat and baked bread using olive oil and honey.  Good stuff.  I mostly ate foods in their natural, unaltered form.  I instilled these habits in my children, although I met with loud protests when they woke up to dried fruit in their Easter baskets. Maybe that was a little over the top.  I tend to do that in a lot of areas.

Matthew 6:27, “And which of you by being anxious can add a single hour to his span of life?” ESV

My efforts failed

Despite my efforts to properly care for my body, my health failed.  I didn’t cause it and I could not prevent it.  Developing myasthenia gravis was out of my control.  It was neither on my radar nor my agenda.

Lamentations 3:39, “Why should the living complain when punished for their sins.”  NIV


It won’t help.  Tom Harmon preaches a revival at our church every year.  Once he taught about complaining.  In an annoying tone of voice he kept repeating,

I’m tired

I’m cold

I’m hungry

I loved it and went home and using the same tone of voice repeated to my family,

I’m tired

I’m cold

I’m hungry

Let’s just say they did not love it.  Complaining can easily become a habit. Ultimately it stems from a lack of gratitude.  How many of your words are negative?   I challenge you to be aware of how many times today you say,

“I’m tired, I’m cold, I’m hungry?”

Focusing on your personal discomfort will make you miserable.

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You may be tired, cold and hungry, but likely you slept in a warm bed last night and ate just a few hours ago.  Be thankful, many have not.

Philippians 2:14, “Do everything without grumbling or arguing.”  NIV

WHEN LIFE IS OUT OF CONTROL, there is one thing I can control

My attitude.  I cannot change my circumstances.  There is no cure for my disease.  I have no control over the weakness in my muscles.  If I try harder, it actually gets worse.  My physical activity is drastically limited.  It’s frustrating.  Justifiably,  I could complain, but it would not change anything.  The only thing I can control is my response, so can you.  I can be glad or mad or sad, but it won’t change my situation.  It won’t change yours either.  I choose to open my eyes and see God’s abundant blessings in spite of it all.  Not in some circumstances, but all.

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18, “Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” NIV

How long can you go without complaining?


  1. Vicki, I’m so proud of you! Funny how your post seem to hit home ! I’m going to work hard to not be a complainer. We will see how this goes! Love you girl! Thanks for sharing your talents. Sara Lou

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  2. Truth, here, Vickie!
    I could complain about the times a simple statement about tiredness, coldness, or hunger were misconstrued as complaints, but I won’t. 😉
    But how does one convey the fact of something like a feeling of tiredness, without being suspected of being a complainer? When does a simple statement morph into a complaint?

    1. I think it has to do with heart attitude. Obviously I am very open about my physical struggles and limitations. But complaining stems from ingratitude and I catch myself saying, “I’m starving” if my meal is 30 minutes late, or “I’m freezing” if the temperature is a couple of degrees off from my liking. It’s all about the heart

  3. Your blogs are always so good and this was right on. A good reminder to be thankful rather than complaining.
    I respect you and appreciate your efforts of encouragement.
    Bobbie Moore

  4. Vickie I needed to hear this today! Sometimes I’ve found myself very discouraged with my back problems. I’ve found that looking at What I can do helps my Outlook!

    Hope you are doing Well With your treatment. Jill

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