Can you pass the waiting room test?

Can you pass the waiting room test?


Waiting is inconvenient.   It’s a waste of time.  Who has time to sit and wait and wait…?  I have better things to do.  I am entirely too busy for this.  My time is important.


We have to wait at restaurants.  If there’s no wait, maybe the food isn’t that good anyway.

We wait in check out lines.  I am gifted in selecting the slowest line even if it is the shortest.

We wait at the DMV.  One time I didn’t.  Instead of taking a number and waiting my turn I was sent to the front of the line because I thought my time was more important than others.  I have a story about that.  I’ll tell you sometime, but it’s not pretty.

We wait in airports and in traffic.  This may be most frustrating.  We need to get where we are going.

I’m often waiting at the doctor’s office these days.  I’m pretty patient (no pun intended) because I’ve been on the other side. I know why doctors run behind schedule, in fact I could probably win an award for that!  It’s not what you think, I never kept anyone waiting without good cause.  Sometimes I was giving a patient bad news, tending an ill patient or just spending extra time with someone who needed it.   Of course, running to the hospital and delivering babies frequently kept me behind schedule and my patients waiting and waiting.


1.  Flip through the magazines.  Never mind that they are tattered, outdated and the puzzles are already filled in.  It’s just a way to pass the time.  Best case scenario, maybe there  is a new recipe find.

2.  Play with your cellphone.  The hours don’t seem so long with Facebook, Twitter or Words with Friends.  So glad I downloaded Trivia Crack.

3.  Get irritated.  I mean really, what is taking so long?  Maybe they forgot me.  Maybe they went to lunch.

4.  People watching.  It’s always interesting, but it can be tempting to condemn and criticize.  Why would she wear that in public?  Does she have a mirror?  People really should control their children.  Could you talk a little quieter?

5.  Work.  Industrious people always plan ahead.  Paperwork is endless.  There is always  book  to finish.

6.  Be grateful.  I see people in wheelchairs; young adults who have never walked.  I see people with terminal diseases.  I should be thankful.

7.  Look for opportunity.  Maybe someone is lonely and just wants someone to talk to.  Someone here needs to be encouraged.  I could use this time to pray for others and minister.


None of us like it.   We don’t understand what is going on on the other side.  We feel forgotten and overlooked.  We want our turn.  We deserve priority.  Our time is important too.

Isaiah 40:31, “But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.” KJV


Is it all about you?


Sometimes we are waiting on God.  We are waiting for Him to make our world right and make us whole.  He sure takes His time, doesn’t He?  What are you waiting for?  Maybe you are waiting for the grief to pass, the cancer to be gone, strength to return, rebellion to end, addiction to disappear, an affair to be over, pain from the past to stop or a second chance for things to turn out differently.  I am waiting for the thymectomy to help, for the mycophenolate to work and to wean off the evil prednisone.

Psalm 27:14,”Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.”


There is always a purpose in it.  You may be flipping pages or playing games to distract yourself from the pain.  You may be agitated or critical, or you could be looking for opportunities.  While I am waiting for myasthenia gravis to go into remission, I don’t want to waste this time.  I want to find the purpose.  I think I have.  Perhaps there are more opportunities to minister to others along the way during the wait than when we arrive at the destination.  We all have to wait, use yours wisely.

Romans 8:25, “But if we hope for what we do not yet have, we wait for it patiently.”  NIV

11 thoughts on “Can you pass the waiting room test?

  1. Spot on for me, thank you Vickie I needed this, I am not a patient waiter. I want to use my waiting time wisely. Thank you for making me aware. You do it so well.

  2. No truer words have ever been spoken. I remember the words of a wise poet who in his life became blind from a tragedy. In his famous lines (I have taught this sonnet many times to my seniors) “they also serve who stand and wait.” He thought his life was over after he was stricken with blindness, but he learned a greater lesson. We serve the Master best in waiting…..God’s waiting room is not always a pleasant place to be. A lot happens in a waiting room. God’s waiting room is no different, but while we wait, we must also believe He has a greater purpose. One day you will be called, your turn will come, and the waiting will end. At that time, he will minister to you in a greater measure and take care of your every need. Be patient in God’s waiting room. You destiny depends on it. I love you dear friend and pray for you continually!

  3. I am enjoying all your words. They are so inspiring. sometimes I enjoy the traffic jams, Because that means i am probably by myself and it give me time to talk To GOD. And your comments gave me some other ideas to incorporate into my daily life…………. Keep em coming girl…..

  4. When I am in a waiting room, I know beforehand that i will be waiting and so have brought along something to do. Crochet, laptop for writing, book to read. I sort of fear touching the reading material, especially in a Family Practioner’s office, so I don’t do that.
    My ophthalmologist has posted a sign on one of the waiting room walls: If you have waited more than 30 minutes, please ask the receptionist to double check.
    It is amazing what that does for morale in the waiting room:
    1. We seldom realize the wait is not that long!
    2. We think ahead of time how we will word our “asking”.
    3. We actually ask her to double-check, instead of getting huffy.

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